​Paracord -- what's the use?

7th Jul 2015

Yes, we love paracord, that tough-as-nails nylon line that's become a staple of preppers, survivalists, Scouts and campers everywhere. Versatile as it is, however, the same question keeps a-nagging:

"What can I use paracord for?"

Paracord OD

With all due respect to your vivid imagination, we've prepared a list of ideas. Some of them we've tried ourselves, others we haven't. We're willing to bet you can think of more.


  • Tie-out a tent or rain fly
  • Secure a tarp to poles, stakes or trees
  • Lash poles together to make a shelter

First aid & medical

  • Improvise a tourniquet
  • Secure a splint
  • Make a sling
  • Lash poles together to make a stretcher


  • Improvise a belt
  • Improvise suspenders
  • Improvise a bra strap
  • Replace broken shoelaces
  • Fix a zipper pull
  • Replace broken drawstrings (sweat pants, bags, etc.)
  • Use inner strands as sewing thread


  • Make a clothesline
  • Hang stuff off the ground
  • Hang a bear bag
  • Tie stuff to the outside of your pack
  • Secure gear in a windstorm
  • Improvise a compression sack
  • Secure a hammock
  • Lash poles together to make a camp seat
  • Make a pot-hanger
  • Bundle firewood for carrying
  • Improvise a tow-line for a gear sled
  • Hang a light
  • Lower gear over ledges or cliffs
  • Practice tying knots


  • Make snares with inner strands
  • Tie a garbage bag around yourself to keep dry
  • Use inner strands as fishing line
  • Use inner strands as dental floss
  • Use inner strands as emergency sutures
  • Tie knots and make crafts to fight boredom
  • Make a bow-drill firestarter
  • Use inner strands to make a fishing net
  • Make a simple bow
  • Make a strap wrench
  • Lash a blade to a pole for fishing or hunting
  • Improvise snow shoes
  • Make a sling for hunting
  • Make trot lines for fishing
  • Make a gill net for fishing

House & garden

  • Tie tomato and vegetable plants to stakes or cages
  • Make a dog leash
  • Make a dog collar
  • Make a key ring for kids
  • Make a skipping rope for kids
  • Replace a broken string on a pull-chain light
  • Hang pictures, mirrors, etc.
  • Replace a broken pull-cord on a small engine


  • Improvise handcuffs
  • Tie an intruder to a chair
  • Improvise a trip-wire alarm


  • Tie a boat, canoe or kayak to a tree
  • Make a tow line
  • Repair a damaged sail
  • Replace a broken pull-cord on an outboard motor
  • Replace a broken ski rope

Knives & tools

  • Make a lanyard for keys, knife, etc.
  • Make a tool belt
  • Wrap the handle of a knife, axe, flashlight or other tool
  • Improvise a strop


  • Make a paracord bracelet
  • Make a watch strap
  • Make a belt
  • Make a hammock
  • Make a bullwhip


  • Use inner strands as dental floss
  • Make a hair tie or headband
  • Improvise a bore snake for cleaning a firearm barrel