FAQ: My folding knife has a pocket clip, but I don't use it -- is it okay to remove it?

21st Jun 2015

Yes. Removing the pocket clip -- like those found on folding knives from BenchmadeZero ToleranceSpydercoKershaw and other makers -- won't affect the function of the knife.

You'll need the proper tool to remove the screws securing the clip to the knife, usually a Torx driver. (The Blue Box Toolkit from Benchmade is really handy for this.) After removing the clip, put it (and the screws) in a zip-closure plastic bag, just in case you change your mind and want to put it back.

A word of advice: After removing the clip, don't put the screws back in their places in your knife's handle. Without the clip in place, the screws can drive farther into the handle, which could scratch the blade or even interfere with its function.