Helle Knives: Wabakimi - Curly Birch - Sleipner

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This is Helle's final collaboration with survivalist Les Stroud, named after the area where he and his partner spent a year living in the wilderness together. This knife combines his years of knowledge with Helle's superb craftsmanship. 

The result is a knife that's both compact and capable with a comfortable birch handle. While the knife has a full-length tang, it is covered in the front by the birch handle to make the knife more comfortable to use in extreme cold. Sleipner tool steel brings toughness and edge retention to the Scandi ground blade, and the knife comes equipped with a leather belt sheath.


 Overall Length:   8" 
 Blade Length:   3.14" 
 Blade Steel:   Uddeholm Sleipner
 Blade Thickness:   .122" 
 Weight:   4.76oz. 



Uddeholm Sleipner Steel
Hand Sanded Curly Birch
Half-Full Tang Construction 
Classic Leather Belt Sheath 

Country of Origin: Norway