Fiddleback Forge - Handmade Knives

Fiddleback Forge: Handmade Knives

Andy Roy, once an engineer for an antenna-design company, started Fiddleback Forge Knives in his garage in 2007. When a layoff took away his "regular job" in 2009, he dedicated himself to being a full-time knifemaker.

In those early days, Andy handcrafted about six knives a week -- enough to feed his family, but not nearly enough to satisfy the demand for his creations. Even now, as Fiddleback Forge has grown, only a few dozen of these spectacular knives emerge from his north-Georgia shop each week.

Each handmade Fiddleback Forge knife captures Andy's attention to handles and grinds as well as aesthetics. As a toolmaker, he strives to make real cutting tools that are comfortable to use. And as an artist, he produces some of the most beautiful edged tools you'll ever see.

A handmade Fiddleback Forge knife is everything a custom should be -- solid in its design, meticulously finished, absolutely gorgeous and made in limited quantities. KnivesShipFree is proud to be one of very few dealers that Andy Roy trusts to represent his work, and we're pleased to offer it to you.


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