Fallkniven: A2 L - Wilderness Knife - Leather Sheath

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Fallkniven: A2 L - Wilderness Knife - Leather Sheath

You must be able to rely on your equipment when far from civilization. You gear must work every time, and the Fallkniven A2 will always perform.

The Fallkniven A2 is an extremely durable knife that will never let you down. The A2 is a knife that will stand up to incredible strain and forces. The reason for the A2Õs remarkable performance is through the use of our professional-grade laminated stainless steel that combines an edge our famous VG10 steel sandwiched between two slabs of incredibly resilient and durable 420J2 steel. The combination of these metals creates a blade that maintains its edge extremely well while also being extremely strong.

The Fallkniven A2 has a convex edge making is very effective for cutting, chopping and striking. A high quality strongly-sewn leather sheath is included. Whether on an expeditions, or living the tough outdoor life, or just a serious outdoorsman, for a life-long traveling companion, the Fallkniven A2 is the obvious choice.


 Overall Length:   12.795" 
 Blade Length:   7.953" 
 Blade Steel:   VG-10 
 Blade Hardness:   59HRC 
 Blade Thickness:   .236" 
 Weight:   13.44oz. 

Country of Origin: Japan