Fallkniven: KKLz - Kolt - Thermorun Handle - Leather Sheath

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Fallkniven: KKLz - Kolt - Thermorun Handle - Leather Sheath

The Kolt Knife is a traditional knife where clean lines dominate the blade, the handle and the sheath. The history of the design goes back to the times when the knife was a common tool in your daily life, for whatever profession you had.

In its original form the KK or Kolt Knife had a very simple blade cover. However, many fans of the KK knife today were interested in traditionally shaped leather sheath. We are now offering the KK frock knife with well-fitting sheath made of heavy black leather of the best quality. A small zytel edge cover is also included.


 Overall Length:   7.3" 
 Blade Length:   3.35" 
 Blade Steel:   Laminated CoS @ 60HRC 
 Blade Thickness:   3.85 mm 
 Weight:   3 oz. (84g) 
 Handle Material:   Thermorun 

Country of Origin: Japan