ESEE Knives: ESEE-RB3 - Camp Lore RB3

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ESEE Knives: ESEE-RB3 - Camp Lore RB3

About the designer: Reuben Bolieu is a writer, photographer, adventurer, and martial arts trainer (Muay Thai). He has spent more than 30 years hiking and backpacking through the wildernesses of California, Nevada, and Arizona, often with an air of extreme discipline towards his super Ultralight gear. He has traveled abroad in extreme environments, from the cold climate of Alaska and New Zealand to the desert heat of Egypt. Reuben continues studying primitive techniques in survival and the construction and uses of knives and edged tools from places such as the South Pacific, Australia, New Zealand, South America, and numerous countries in Asia. He has published many articles on knife use, Bushcraft, shelters, and remains a lifetime student of survival. Reuben is also an assistant instructor for RandallÕs Adventure & Training.


 Overall Length:   8.13" 
 Blade Length:   3.5" 
 Blade Steel:   1095 Carbon Steel 
 Blade Thickness:   .125" 
 Weight:   6.0oz. 

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