Carter Cutlery: Advanced Blade Sharpening Techniques

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Overwhelmed with the amount of sharpening information out there? Let Mastersmith Murray Carter teach you the advanced techniques of freehand sharpening! The information presented in this video is easy to understand and concise. With these videos, two sharpening stones, and a little time we know you can master freehand sharpening!

In Advanced Blade Sharpening, Murray Carter picks up where he left off in the Blade Sharpening Fundamentals. You will learn these following tips from the master:

• 6-Step Sharpening Procedure
• Kata-Ha Sharpening
• Tanto Blade Re-grinding
• Achieving Defined Points
• Using Stones So They Wear Evenly
• Shortcomings Of Guides & Jigs
• Function Of Polishing Sludge
• What To Do With Serrations
• Effect Of Angled Micro-Serrations On Slice
• Pitting On Carbon Steeled Blades

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