FAQ: Why does KnivesShipFree charge a restocking fee?

26th Mar 2015

I hate restocking fees.

I hate them as a consumer, and I hate them as a merchant.

Because I don't like charging anyone a restocking fee, KnivesShipFree has an excellent return policy. If you don't like a knife -- for any reason -- you can return it to us for 100% store credit and pick out another knife.

We'll give you 100% of the cost of the knife back in store credit, even if we originally shipped it for free. Regardless of the reason, we give you full store credit.

If you decline our generous store-credit option and insist that we issue a refund, that's subject to a 10% restocking fee. And as distasteful as that is to me, both personally and as a business owner, we do that to control our costs, keep our prices competitive and continue to live up to the name of our business -- KnivesShipFree.

If you have other questions, please check out our complete Shipping & Returns policy.

Thanks for understanding.

- Derrick