FAQ: Is a knife labeled 'collectible' too fragile to be used?

27th Apr 2015

No -- not the ones sold by KnivesShipFree, anyway.

Schatt & Morgan by Queen

A number of factors affect a knife's value to collectors. A "new and unused" knife, generally speaking, would bring a higher price at resale time.

That said, none of the knives we carry are collector knives intended only for display -- every single one is made to be used.

A great example, in our opinion, is the Schatt & Morgan line produced by Queen Cutlery. These are wonderful slipjoints, finished to near-jewelry quality. The same craftsmanship and attention to detail that make a Schatt & Morgan prized by collectors also make it an extraordinary knife to carry and use.

The same can be said of Canal Street Cutlery, which ships its finely crafted pocketknives in jeweler's pouches. Beyond the embroidered velvet, high polish and serial numbers, however, are sturdy tools, ready to go to work.

So the next time you're browsing KnivesShipFree, looking for a "user" knife, and something beautiful starts calling your name, don't let the term "collector quality" be a deal-breaker. That "collectible" knife may just be best choice for you to slip into your pocket.

Besides, the way we see it, all knives are meant to be used -- especially the pretty ones.