FAQ: How difficult is sharpening? Is it hard to learn?

26th Mar 2015

Relax -- sharpening isn't some mysterious black art.

Oh, we know it can be frustrating at first. We've seen lots of people get discouraged and give up just when they're on the verge of mastering it. And that's too bad, because the basics are really very simple:

  • Tools. You'll want to assemble tools and supplies designed to put an edge on the kind of knife you have. The specific contents of that kit will vary with the type of edge on your knife. (More on that shortly.)
  • Technique. Depending on your knife and the tools required to sharpen it, you'll be using a specific sharpening routine. You'll want to employ the same technique consistently, in a repeatable way. That takes practice, which means you need...
  • Time. Very few of us put the perfect edge on a knife the first time we try our hand at sharpening, and that's ok. Doing so takes experience, practice and the investment of time. We're confident that most people can develop the skills and natural "sharpening sense" to put a wicked-sharp edge on virtually any blade.

To learn more, visit our Knife Sharpening page.