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Bark River Knives: Trailbuddy III

Bark River Knives: Trailbuddy III

Trailbuddy III is Bark River Knives’ newest version of a modern camp knife.

This is a very large knife—an 8” blade—but the balance makes is light and quick in the hand. It works well for all kinds of camp duties—cooking, game, kindling, and trail clearing.

Mike Stewart scaled up an 1915 Woodcraft and then made some key modifications to make it work well as a camp knife. The blade is a very efficient cutter and will be right at home in your camping gear.


 Overall Length:     13” 
 Blade Length:     8” 
 Blade Steel:     A2 @ 58 RC 
 Blade Thickness:     .200” 
 Weight:     13.750oz. 
 Price:     Starting at $154.87 


Made in the USA.

High-quality leather sheath included.

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