Bark River Knives Mini Fox River Models Mini-Fox River - CPM S35VN

Bark River Knives: Mini-Fox River - CPM S35Vn

Bark River Knives: Mini-Fox River - CPM S35Vn

The Mini-Fox River is the perfect complement to Bark River's Professional Series. It serves just as capably as a light field knife as it does in an EDC role.

Smaller in the blade than the Woodland Special, but larger than the Little Creek or the Pro-Scalpel, the Mini-Fox River is just the right size to be legal in most jurisdictions that allow fixed-blade carry. It has enough handle for sustained duty, with plenty of security and comfort. Use it with confidence for both fine work and harder use.

Bark River designed a special sheath for the Mini-Fox River, allowing it to be worn either strong-side or crossdraw.


 Overall Length:     6.65" 
 Blade Length:     2.9" 
 Cutting Edge Length:     2.5" 
 Steel:     CPM-S35Vn Stainless 
 Blade Thickness:     .150" 
 Weight:     3.875oz. 
 Price:     $202.46 


Made in the USA.

High-quality leather sheath included.

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