Micro Canadian II

Micro Canadian II

Bark River Knives - Micro-Canadian

The Micro-Canadian has been one of the backbones of the Bark River Line since it's introduction in 2004. This is the first time used Crucible Steel's 154CM Stainless Steel on this model in a full production run. This is a significant upgrade from the 12C27 Bark River Knives has used on this model in the past. The 154CM is more corrosion resistant and yields a 60% increase in edge holding and edge stability because of increase of carbon content and the added molybdenum. 

The Micro-Canadian-II in 154cm is clearly a great tool and - in the spirit of all Bark River Knives - will do the work of a much larger knife. Each one is supplied with our "Bushcraft F" Leather Sheath and it is compatible for piggy-back carry with all of Bark River Knives larger knives. It is the ideal companion for a larger knife and will do caping and other small tasks easily.


High-Quality Right-Hand Sheath Included (options available)


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