Lil' Canadian - CPM 3V

Lil' Canadian - CPM 3V


Bark River Knives: Lil' Canadian - CPM 3V

A smaller version of the very popular Canadian Special, the Lil' Canadian was the first knife Bark River Knives released in CPM3V.  It is a perfect EDC sized knife or it works well for field dressing tasks.

Many people have asked about the hump on the back of the blade.  Originally, it was designed to scrape the fat off the back of an animal hide.  It also helps keep the knife from puncturing the viscerals when field dressing an animal.


 Overall Length:     7" 
 Blade Length:     3.250" 
 Blade Steel:     CPM-3V
 Blade Thickness:     .125" 
 Weight:     3.4oz. 
 Price:     Starting at $187.45


Made in the USA.

High-quality leather sheath included.


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