Bark River Knives: Kalahari Sportsman - Bohler N661

Bark River Knives: Kalahari Sportsman - Bohler N661

The Kalahari Series Filet-Boning Knife is back with new options. As you know, on the Kalahari Sportsman the blade will work equally well as a filet knife or a boning knife. On this version Bark River Knives switched to the Bohler N661 Stainless Steel that they have used on the Kalahari Mini-Sportsman. You will find that the Bohler N661 is a great edge holder - it is even tougher then the S35VN or the CPM-154 and also easier to re-sharpen.The Bark River Kalahari Sportsman is comfortable after sustained use and efficient.


 Overall Length:     11.65" 
 Blade Length:     6.75" 
 Blade Steel:     Bohler N661 @ 60RC 
 Blade Thickness:     .085" 
 Weight:     4.5oz. 
 Price:     Starting at $180.02 


Made in the USA.

High-quality leather sheath included.

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