Bark River Knives Dan Tope Models Hauk

Bark River Knives: Hauk

Bark River Knives: Hauk

~ Dan Tope Design ~

The Hauk is the latest in the Bark River - D. Tope Knives co-branded series of Scandinavian-Nordic style knives. This is a very traditional seax style blade in a size that makes a perfect belt knife for anything outdoors. The Scramasax was the most popular belt knife from the Dark Ages well into the Renaissance period in Europe. The Scandinavian-Nordic influence is unmistakable and actually the root of more modern wharncliffe style blades. You will find this knife excels in woods tasks as well as general use in any camp or outdoor activity. The Hauk is just as pleasing on the eye as it is in the hand in use. Dan Tope has nailed it with this design.


 Overall Length:   10.6" 
 Blade Length:   5.775" 
 Blade Steel:   A2 Tool Steel @ 60HRC 
 Blade Thickness:   0.187" 
 Weight:   8.6oz. 
 Price:  Starting at $217.45

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