Bark River Knives Gameskeeper Models Gameskeeper - CPM 4V

Bark River Knives: Gameskeeper - CPM 4V

Bark River Knives: Gameskeeper - CPM 4V

The Bark River Gameskeeper is a large, Loveless inspired, heavy hunter.  It is big enough to dress and quarter the largest game animals in the world.

The drop point is perfect for field dressing.  The choil is long enough to put your first finger safely behind the cutting edge which facilitates choking up on the blade for precise control of the razor sharp knife.

Of course, the Bark River Knives Gameskeeper excels at bushcraft and camp chores as well.  It is a great, all around knife.

This version of the Gameskeeper is exactly the same as the original A2 version, but with a seriously upgraded steel.  CPM-4V is tougher than A2 and holds an edge significantly longer.  Mike Stewart told me he thinks this might just be THE steel! This is the first Bark River Knife in CPM-4V.


  Overall Length:    9.375" 
  Blade Length:    4.5" 
  Blade Steel:    CPM-4V @ 59-60RC 
  Blade Thickness:    .217" 
  Weight:    5.825oz. 
  Price:    Starting at $224.97 


Made in the USA.

High-quality leather sheath included.

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