Bark River Knives Classic Loveless Models Featherweight Hunter

Bark River Knives: Featherweight Hunter

Bark River Knives: Featherweight Hunter

The Featherweight Hunter is a very compact version of the Classic Drop Point Hunter that's been a mainstay of Bark River's Game Series for years.

This popular design originally was conceived by Bob Loveless, and since the early 1980s it's been the standard by which all drop-point knives are judged. Bark River Knives Featherweight Hunter is ideally down-sized, making it the easiest of Bob's designs to pack and carry.

The Featherweight aptly named -- it's truly like a feather in the hand. The combination of its thin blade and the Elmax "super" stainless steel makes it cut like a razor.

Despite its size, it's still large enough to allow a secure grip for dressing small and medium game. It makes short work of hair, hide and gristle, and it can field-dress a deer-sized animal like a scalpel. And once you're back from the hunt, it'll handily dispatch most light camp chores and food prep.


  Overall Length:     7.250" 
  Blade Length:     3.250" 
  Cutting Edge:     3.125" 
  Blade Height:     0.775" 
  Blade Steel:     Bohler Elmax S.S.@ 60-62 RC 
  Blade Thickness:     0.085" 
  Weight:     2.5oz. 
  Price:     Starting at $194.97 


Made in the USA.

High-quality leather sheath included.

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