Competition/Battle Cleaver

Competition/Battle Cleaver

Bark River Knives: Custom Competition/Battle Cleaver

With the popularity of BLADE Competitions all over the world, Bark River Knives has been getting requests for a knife in that style. This massive "Battle Cleaver" custom competition knife is handmade from a solid bar of A-2 tool steel. It's purposely blade-heavy, designed to maximize chopping and straight-line cutting.

Knives of this style are customarily made from thick stock, and the Battle Cleaver indeed fills that bill at 0.265 inch. Its handle is ergonomic, with plenty of drop at the rear so that it never comes out of the hand in a committed swing.

For other than competition use, this makes one heck of a wood-processing knife, guaranteed to make short work of any reasonable-size log.


A high-quality handmade leather sheath is included.


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