Bark River Knives: Classic Drop Point Hunter - CPM 4V

Bark River Knives: Classic Drop Point Hunter - CPM 4V

The Classic Drop Point Hunter is Bark River Knives' version of Bob Loveless' famous Drop Point Hunter.

When Bob Loveless wanted to make the perfect hunting knife, the Drop Hunter was what he came up with.  It was ther perfect knife for any medium to large game in North America.  The drop point helps you to field dress your game without nicking the stomach or intestines. Most people don't notice, but the sharp edge drops below the line of the hand, increasing the cutting efficiency of the knife.  

The Bark River version of the Drop Point Hunter is the same size as the original loveless.  The primary difference is the grind.  Bob Loveless used a hollow grind, Bark River Knives changed theirs to a razor sharp convex grind.

This run upgrade the steel to CPM 4V for a significant increase in edge holding over the previous CPM 3V version. The blade thickness on this batch is .125" and will be a terrific slicer.


  Overall Length:     8.45" 
  Blade Length:     3.775" 
  Blade Steel:     CPM 4V 
  Blade Thickness:     .156" 
  Weight:     4.875oz. 
  Price:     Starting at $224.97 


Made in the USA.

High-quality leather sheath included.