Bark River Knives Aurora Models Aurora Scandi

Bark River Knives: Aurora Scandi

Bark River Knives: Aurora Scandi

What started as a limited run that sold out quickly is available once again! The Aurora Scandi is back with a brand new batch from Bark River Knives. Their classic Aurora model is modified with a convex Scandi grind for the ultimate bushcrafting tool. The A2 tool steel will hold up under hard work and sharpen easily in the field. The handle features an oversized lanyard tube for weight reduction and easy application of any lanyard material you want to use. 


 Overall Length:   9.5" 
 Blade Length:   4.5" 
 Blade Steel:   A2 Tool Steel 
 Blade Hardness:   58-60HRC 
 Blade Thickness:   .155" 
 Weight:   6.8oz. 

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