Bark River Knives Adventurer Models Adventurer Thistle

Bark River Knives: Adventurer Thistle

Bark River Knives: Adventurer Thistle

The Bark River Thistle shares the same handle as the already popular Adventurer III. This blade is longer and sleeker than the standard Adventurer blades and excels at field tasks where a longer blade is more suited. The long flat portion of the main cutting edge makes short work of straight cuts and food prep and it fine enough for fine tasks without sacrificing it's overall strength for heavier tasks. The length of the blade is also just right for under the tail work in field dressing. The forward belly of the blade is more than enough for making dedicated slices in both hides and bark or wood. It will make feather sticks like a dream for camping. The knife is very light for it's size and is easy to pack or carry.


  Overall Length:     10.1"
  Blade Length:     5.5" 
  Blade Thickness:     .156" 
  Blade Steel:     A2 Tool Steel @ 60 HRC 
  Weight:     6.6oz. 
  Price:   Starting at $194.95 

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