Adventurer II - CPM 20CV

Adventurer II - CPM 20CV

Bark River Adventurer II Neck Knife

Bark River Knives - Adventurer II

The Bark River Adventurer II is an up-sized Adventurer, taking a great everyday-carry knife and giving it a bit more "beef" for tougher tasks. The blade is about a half-inch longer and a tad thicker than its predecessor's, and it sports a handle that accommodates a full grip.

All the features that make the original Bark River Adventurer so popular are still there -- lightweight and compact, great slicing ability, naturally comfortable ergonomics and CPM 20CV "super" stainless steel. It can still be worn as a neck knife, and it's supplied with Bark River's innovative Rare Earth Magnet Leather Neck/Belt Sheath. The knife is secure in the sheath when worn inverted and still easy to deploy and return to the sheath.

High-quality Neck / Belt Carry sheath included 


  Overall Length:     7.875"
  Blade Length:     3.75" 
  Cutting Edge:     3.125" 
  Blade Thickness:     .135" 
  Blade Steel:     CPM20CV @ 62-63 HRC 
  Weight:     3.8oz 
  Price:   Starting at $179.97 
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