Compact Forest

Compact Forest

American Knife Company™ - Compact Forest

The American Knife Company "Compact Forest" knife is a smaller version of the perfect belt knife, as described by Mors Kochanski in his definitive book, Bushcraft.

The Compact Forest has all of the features of its larger sibling, the full-size American Knife Company Forest Knife. Its blade is A-2 tool steel, triple-tempered, and the tang is drawn softer for extra toughness. The hand-ground convex-Scandi grind gives maximum edge-holding, making woodworking afield an easy task.

The Compact's hand-blended slabs are held in place with Corby bolts and capped with a stainless-steel pommel.

American Knife Company gave the Compact Forest the same innovative leather sheath as the Forest knife. It's ambidextrous, accommodating either vertical or horizontal belt carry, and it features hollow rivets that allow you to lash it to your gear. It also has an integral firesteel loop and a pair of rare-earth magnets to retain the knife -- even inverted. No matter how rugged the terrain, this sheath will retain the Compact.

(Tip: You can use the sheath's permanently recessed magnets to create a makeshift compass, or to recover small ferrous items outside your reach.)

The Compact Forest knife is another solid product from American Knife Company, 100% made in the U.S.A., and it may become your favorite bushcraft and outdoors blade.



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