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Ambush Knives

Right here in the USA, skilled craftsmen are turning the finest materials available into Ambush Knives.

These hard-working Americans are passionate about hunting, fishing, camping and generally enjoying life in the out-of-doors -- they love it as much as you do, in fact, and that love shows in every tool they produce.

Ambush Knives are built to get the job done. Performance starts with blades of premium steels, mated to handles offered in a mesmerizing array of handle materials -- both natural and synthetic, including "sculpted" options for better grip and a purposeful appearance.

Whether you're all about survival, hunting or bushcraft, or even everyday carry, Ambush is the right tool for the job -- you won't find a better-built, tougher knife.

Ambush Knives come with a lifetime warranty covering manufacturing defects for as long as you own the knife.

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