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ESEE Knives

ESEE Knives

ESEE Knives

When Jeff Randall and Mike Perrin first wanted to market their field-tested knife designs, they founded a company called RAT Cutlery. After a couple years, they changed the name to ESEE Knives. Pronounced "ESS-cee," it's an acronym for "Escuela de Supervivencia, Escape and Evasion" (School of Survival, Escape and Evasion) and accurately refelects the company’s commitment to producing knives designed for survival, military and law-enforcement use.

If you're looking for a no-nonsense knife, ESEE Knives are a great choice. They're affordable field knives specifically for military, law-enforcement, and special-operations professionals, equally capable at hunting and bushcraft.

Many ESEE/RAT knives now serve in the combat zones of Iraq, Afghanistan and other remote locales. ESEE Knives is also is setting the standard with local, state and federal law-enforcement officers for high-performance, compact fixed-blade knives with multiple carry options. Survival experts around the world have endorsed ESEE Knives as tools they'd stake their lives on.

ESEE Knives are proudly made in the USA:

"We believe the men and women of the USA can still make the best product at a competitive price... a price the average person can afford. We believe that an objective, intelligent person can design a product that is reliable, practical and affordable and that it can be produced through skill and hard work on our own shores and then sold to the user."

What's more, ESEE’s warranty is second to none:

"If you screw it up, break it, or cut it in two with a cutting torch, send it back and we'll replace it. Warranty is transferable. In other words, we warranty the knife no matter how many times it's been traded, sold or given away. We don't ask for a sales receipt, date of purchase or where you bought the knife -- no fine print and no hassles."

In a recent interview with Jeff Randall, he told us plainly, "We make tools."  When you hold an ESEE knife, you'll know that you have a working tool in your hand. Like every good tool you own, when it comes down to it, this tool will do its job.

That works for us, and we're confident that whether you think of them as RAT or ESEE, these tools definitely will work for you.

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