Spartan Blades Spartan Harsey Hunter

Spartan Blades - Harsey Hunter

Spartan Blades - Harsey Hunter

This is Spartan Blades' second collaboration with world-renowned knifemaker William "Bill" Harsey. Their mutual goal was to make a knife that would serve double-duty -- providing service both as a combat knife and as a hunting knife.

Our intent was to make a tool that a service member could carry in combat, and yet continue to use when camping and hunting after returning from war. The blade profile, top bevels and hollow grind of this full-tang knife work well on the battlefield or when dressing a trophy buck.

The bevels are hand-ground by Bill Harsey. Handle scales are 3D-machined to ultra-tight tolerance from 3/8" canvas Micarta to provide a comfortable and sure grip.

Trust us, this knife will serve you well... no matter what you're hunting.

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