Spartan George V-14

Spartan George V-14

Spartan Blades - Les George V-14

Spartan-George V-14 Dagger

This knife is Spartan Blades' first collaboration with gifted and prolific knifemaker Les George.

Ever since the formation of the OSS, daggers have come to symbolize the elite of our military special-operations units and intelligence agencies. Spartan Blades wanted to improve the classic profile with better materials and thoughtful design. Full-tang construction, along with the 0.25" precision-ground thickness, makes for a very reliable blade. After hollow-grinding four symmetrical bevels, each blade is vacuum-heat-treated, double-deep-cryogenically treated and double-tempered to add to edge retention and toughness.

The ergonomic and textured handle is specifically designed for comfort and a confident grip. Even the handle shape diverges from tradition -- oblong, with flats on each side to assist in no-look indexing when visibility is limited.

This is a real combat dagger, winner of the BLADE 2014 award for Collaboration Knife of the Year.

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