Spartan Blades Chopsticks

Spartan Blades: Chopsticks

Spartan Blades: Titanium & Carbon Fiber Chop Sticks

These chop sticks are precision made to break down for ease of storage and carry. They are hypoallergenic and perfect for a visit to your favorite sushi bar or as a gift for a good friend. The perfect mix of modern materials and sleek design. Each set comes with a velcro closure nylon carrying case with removable neck cord and belt loop.

  • Solid Titanium with Precision Carbon Fiber tubes over top halves.
  • Plain Titanium Finish (Bare Metal)
  • Black Carbon Fiber twill tubes.
  • Textured Tips (For the slippery Shashimi)
  • 9 inch length overall.
  • 6" x 2" nylon case with belt loop and removable neck cord.
  • Can be disassembled for ease of cleaning.
  • Each set contains two(2) Chop Sticks - One Pair

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