Spartan Blades - Akribis

Spartan Blades Akribis

Akribis -- Greek for sharp and precise -- is a fitting name for this finely crafted folding knife.

During the development of Akribis, Spartan reached out to the best and brightest in the industry for guidance and technical insight. The knife was put through a series of refinements, engineering reviews and changes that culminated in this precision cutting tool. The craftsmanship of this folder is self-evident, from the chamfers on the frame to the intricate machining of the jimping.

The Akribis is lightweight, created using only the best of modern materials: titanium, double-deep-cryogenically treated and tempered S35VN blades, and ceramic bearings in the Hinderer-design locking bar to ensure positive closing bias for tip up carry. All surfaces are treated with the best PVD coatings to protect the working surfaces of blade and frame.

The Akribis is meant to break convention by serving not only as a "tactical" knife but as a blade that can just as easily be carried in business attire. You should be comfortable carrying an Akribis on the battlefield, in the boardroom or on any of your daily adventures.

Note: The pivot of the Spartan Blades Akribis may be a bit stiff when the knife is new. That's not a problem, it's simply an indication that a break-in period is required. The action should begin to smooth-out after 100 or so cycles, so be patient -- trust us, the Akribis is worth it.