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Together with Thor, the one-eyed Oden (or Woden) is considered the highest ranking god in the Norse sagas. He was the father of the gods and of mankind, riding on his eight-legged horse Sleipner. Accompanied by his bearers of knowledge, the two ravens Hugin and Munin, he was the undisputed ruler of Valhalla. Mod. NL2 Oden is a powerful adaptable knife with its blade in Fallkniven's laminated VG10 steel. The striking action is excellent and the knife does not feel the least clumsy.

Fallkniven is full of excitement and anticipation as they present the their new Northern Light Series (or 'Norrsken' as the Northern Lights Series is called in Swedish) where nothing has been spared to make the knife as strong, beautiful and comfortable as possible. The knife is a pleasure to look at and a thrill to use.

The blade is in laminated VG10 steel, where the edge is made of Fallkniven's now renowned VG10 steel and the sides consist of tough, all-stainless 420J2 steel. This combination is unquestionably the best, since it brings together all conceivable and desirable properties such as resilience, resistance to torque and edge-durability in a single blade. With laminate technology one can expect an additional 25% strength in the form of resistance to bending, as compared to an ordinary VG10 blade. This ensures qualities that no other manufacturer in the world can offer.

Fallkniven's handle consists of specially selected ox-hide, sadly a material that is usually overlooked by manufacturers, but which gives a sure and rugged grip. It ages beautifully and as the years pass it acquires an attractive brown patina, and it is unaffected by oil and solvents and impervious to water.

Fallkniven finishes each Northern Lights knife by hand with the convex edge, since they consider this to be the ultimate combination of cutting performance and edge strength. Knives in general are of course mass-produced, where CNC (Computer Numerically Controlled) robots and grinders shape the blades as best they can. The machines are loaded with stacks of blades so that production can go on 24 hours a day and the result is quite often really good - good knives at affordable quotes. However, if you want top-drawer strength, corrosion-.resistance, edge durability and design, the machine hasn't been made that can come even close to the craftsmanship of a trained, skilled knifemaker.

Therefore, Fallkniven take great pride in being able to present their new Northern Light Series, well aware that only the most quality-conscious will appreciate its assets.

The sheath is made of black leather of the highest quality.

Mod. NL2
Total length: 323 mm (12.72")
Blade length: 200 mm (7.87")
Blade thickness: 6.5 mm (0.26")
Weight (knife): 380 g (0.84 lbs)
Steel: Laminated VG10
Edge hardness: 59 HRC
Butt cap: Alumina
Guard:     Stainless, specially anchored
Sheath: Black leather

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