FAQ: Is there a way to keep my Great Eastern Cutlery knife from getting scratched-up in my pocket?

1st Apr 2015

Yes, as a matter of fact, there is -- it's called a PocketSlip.

We know that when you invest in a Great Eastern Cutlery knife, you want to protect it. Our PocketSlip protects your knife from keys, loose change and debris. More important, it distributes the weight of the knife in your pocket.

That may sound silly -- after all, a knife doesn't weigh that much -- but trust us, it's a big deal. You won't realize what a difference it makes 'til you try it.

The beauty of the PocketSlip is its simplicity. It's a leather envelope -- drop your knife inside, slide it into your pocket and it disappears. When you need your knife, a quick squeeze of the sides and your knife is delivered into your hand.