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Liten Bror

Bark River Knives - Liten Bror

Liten Bror in Swedish means “Little” or “Small Brother.”

The knife is a smaller version of Bark River’s Aurora Bushcraft Knife.

Not only is the knife Scaled Down a bit it is made with Crucible's CPM3V Powdered Metal Steel and is "Convex Scandi" Being a convex grind and the addition of CPM3V's toughness allows the use a Scandi grind without the fear of having the edge spine be not stout enough for the kind of edge retention we are use to on Bark River knives.

A “Convex Scandi Grind” is a grind that is half way up the blade, but the grind itself is convex. Contrary to modern thinking, original Scandi grinds were (like nearly all knives) convex grinds. The convex grind allows the edge to be supported by nearly 400% more metal.

The Blade on the Liten Bror is clearly marked CPM3V on the Right facing of the blade.

The Size is very handy and large enough for serious work. The handle is large enough for large hands, but is comfortable even with medium or small hands.

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