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Bravo 1 - S35VN

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Bark River Bravo 1

Bark River Knives: Bravo 1 S35VN

The Bravo 1 is Bark River's #1 selling knife of all time with good reason.  

Unbeknownst to the makers, an elite training unit of the US Marine Corp bought knives from a number of different top tier makers to test.  One of the knives was a Bark River Knife and Tool Gameskeeper. One by one they tested the knives. They pushed them to their limits, and used them hard.

The Bark River Gameskeeper came out on top.  It didn't break.  It stayed sharp.  It performed exactly like the Marines wanted it to.

The leader of the team contacted Mike Stewart of Bark River and asked him if he make some changes to the knife for them.

The Bravo-1 was the result.  It was named after Sgt. Bravo. (Yep, that was his real name.)  The team bought the knives and they have spread like wildfire through the Force Recon teams.  

Now, the Bravo has a well deserved, no-nonsense reputation among Marines and civilians alike.

This is the same knife the Marines ordered except one thing....Bark River changed the steel to be the great, stainless S35VN.