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Bark River Knives: Bird & Trout - Elmax

Bark River Knives: Bird & Trout - Elmax

The Bird & Trout Knife is slim and easy to wear on the belt or pack in your kit. It will make short work of field cleaning of fish and small game and also makes a very good day hiker's knife for light outdoor tasks around the campfire. It's slim profile and weight at 2.5 ounces makes it a very versatile tool. This Bark River knife will make quick work of game from brook trout to ruffed grouse to pheasant to duck and more. The 2015 version has been further upgraded by being made in the new Bohler Elmax Stainless Steel. The extra edge holding and edge stability make this version the best yet for a small knife.


  Overall Length:     8"  
  Blade Length:     3.6"  
  Blade Steel:     Elmax @ 60-62RC  
  Blade Thickness:     .065"  
  Weight:     2.5oz. 
  Price:     Starting at $149.97 

Made in the USA.

High-quality leather sheath included.

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