FAQ: Are custom knives worth the money?

14th Jun 2015

For us, the answer is an enthusiastic yes -- but that's us. You'll have to answer that question for yourself.

A high-quality custom knife is crafted by someone who knows knives. Not only does the maker understand how to build a knife properly, they know what makes a great knife -- overall design, choice of steel, heat treat, balance, ergonomics and more. There's also an attention to detail in a handmade knife, something that's becoming rare in today's mass-production society.

While we're on the subject, we'd like to debunk a common misconception about handmade knives: "Custom" isn't synonymous with "museum piece" or "fragile." The custom knives we sell are built to be used, no matter how rare, beautiful or ornate they might be.

Yes, a custom can be more expensive than a comparable production knife. You have to decide whether it's worth it to you -- but we'd be willing to bet that once you have one in your hands, you'll agree with us that there's nothing quite like a custom knife.