Four Reasons to Always Carry a Pocket Knife

Four Reasons to Always Carry a Pocket Knife

27th Oct 2014

For those of us who carry pocket knives already, this article is pretty much a no brainer; but I have been asked many times why I carry a pocket knife and have been looked at like I was a serial killer on more than one occasion. In all the years that I have been carrying a knife, I have answered that question differently every time. Below, I will list some reasons why it's a good idea to carry a knife on you, wherever you may go.

For Minor Car Repairs

This may seem obvious, but I have used my knife for minor car repairs more than once in my lifetime. A prime example is if you have a radiator hose crack on your car. Sure, I could have walked to the parts store and bought a hose for the car, however, it was just as easy to cut the hose and reattach it until I could drive the car there.

For Cutting Seatbelts

This has never happened to me, but it could happen to anyone. You never know when you are going to be in an accident and have your seatbelt become jammed. If I were driving and had an accident, I would be able to quickly use my pocket knife to cut myself and my loved ones free before the car went up in flames.

For Help in Emergency Situations

I hear more and more often, on the news, about someone being hurt who could have been helped if someone had just had a knife handy. I always keep my pocket knife on me in case of an emergency situation. In my opinion, you never know when a child is going to get their hair stuck in an escalator or a diver is going to get caught in a fishing net. Carrying my pocketknife makes it easy for me to simply cut the hair or fishing net and could make the difference between life and death for some innocent person.

That doesn’t even touch the more frequent emergency removal of clothing tags.

Just for Plain Old Eating

Another plainly obvious reason, but a reason just the same is being able to always cut what you eat. You can whisk out your pocketknife at any time to peel an apple, cut an orange, or even cut a steak if the need arises. The way I see it is as long as I have my trusty pocketknife I will never go hungry.

These are just a few of the reasons I give when someone asks me why I carry a knife at all times. From just liking to eat to helping out in emergency situations, I feel that if you have your pocketknife, you are equipped to deal with any type of situation.

Of course, if they are even more persistent, I just show them this video.

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