L.T. Wright Knives GNS 3V

L.T. Wright Knives: GNS 3V

L.T. Wright Knives: GNS 3V

Tired of the city life? Grab an L.T Wright GNS and go off the grid.

Designed by Self Reliance Illustrated, the GNS is handcrafted by L.T Wright in CPM 3V high performance steel and finished with a number of tough, durable handle materials. Large fish eye bolts and a lanyard hole compliment the tapered and contoured handle (some models feature a Bead Blasted Handle). The GNS is ground with either a robust Scandi Grind or a lightsaber-like Saber Grind -- both great for any tasks. Easily carry the GNS with the included dangler sheath, handcrafted by L.T Wright crew this sheath has durable double stitching and a 3/8" fire steel holder. 


 Overall Length:   9 12
 Blade Length:   4 12
 Cutting Edge:   4 14
 Handle Length:   5" 
 Blade Steel:   CPM-3V 
 Blade Thickness:   18

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