L.T. Wright Knives - Patriot

L.T. Wright Knives: Patriot

The Patriot Knife is a great all day, every day knife.  This little companion is intended to do everything from opening boxes at the office to being an impromptu bug out knife and emergency blade. L.T. Wright Knives uses 1/8" A2 Tool Steel for its balance of toughness, edge holding, and ease of sharpening. In its business role, it'll open boxes all day long and hold that good edge. In a bushcrafting role, the flat grind will cut through just about anything and you can use the ground spine for tinder gathering. The Patriot is also a great little skinning and game prep knife because of the deep belly and flat grind. Due to the small size your index finger will reach the end of the knife with no problem when skinning.

Quality craftsmanship is important. This is a solid little knife, with quality far beyond its price. The Patriot features in-house dyed handles, joined to the tang of the knife with a high strength, industrial adhesive and a set of hand peened brass pins. You will also receive a hand made leather sheath to keep the Patriot on your hip at all times. This knife is truly an "everyone-knife" for almost every occasion.


 Overall Length:   5 58
 Blade Length:   2 12
 Blade Steel:   A2 Tool Steel 
 Blade Thickness:   18

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