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KnivesShipfree: Fire Kit in a Tin

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Fire Kit in a Tin

I am always looking for new ways to have my gear readily at hand.  A few years ago we came out with a fire kit in an OtterBox--it was very successful.  I wanted something I could tuck away in even smaller places, so I took an Altoids box, and put the essential firemaking stuff from the other kit and threw it in my glovebox.  I have shown it and talked about it to a number of people and they asked to make them available.  Here they are! 

It contains the following:

  • Spyderco Grasshopper Knife (Retail $29.99): I almost always have a knife with me, but I wanted this kit to have everything I needed in one place.  If you don&#39t have a knife, you are in trouble, so I put a small knife in the kit.  It isn't going to baton through a log, but you can make fuzz sticks and split small tinder to help get your fire going. 
  • Misch Metal Firesteel: A special blend of metals that when scraped with a scraper or the back of a knife produces a shower of very hot sparks.  This firesteel produces little balls of molten metal that, with a bit of practice will easily light tinder.
  • Hacksaw Blade: Used to scrape the firesteel for sparks.
  • 2 Fire Straws: Straws sealed at both ends and stuffed with cotton balls and patrolium jelly.  These are easy to make and they work like champs.  You just cut them in half, tease out the cotton, throw it a spark and watch it burn.
  • 2 Tinder Disks: A specially prepared cotton disk which will take a spark from the firesteel and burn for several minutes to ignite your kindling.  The Tinder Disks will burn even when wet.
  • 6'Waxed Jute Cord: Use a couple inches of this cord to make a birds nest to take a spark.  It is an easy way to get things going.
  • 2 Fuel Bars:  These firestarter bars will serve as a hot burning fuel for your fire which burns long enough to get even wet wood burning.  The Fuel Bars burn even when wet.
  • Aluminum Foil: When you try to make fire in wet conditions, it is often helpful to have a barrier between the fledgling fire and the wet ground.  The foil can be folded into a tray in which you get your fire going and then slide into place under your kindling and wood for the larger fire.
  • Ranger Bands: These are bicycle tubes cut into strips.  We use these to hold the tin closed or to attach the tin to your gear.  They do double duty.  They also provide a great source of fuel that burns hot, long and even when wet.
You could put a kit like this together--and if you don't buy this one, you should--but it takes a lot of time to get it together.  Buy a couple of these and put them in your vehicles, pack, hunting gear.  If you need fire, you won't regret having this kit at hand.


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