Custom Knife Maker, Todd Begg

3rd Mar 2016

Todd Begg

I first met Todd Begg when I flew out to California to interview him for KnivesShipFree.  I had already agreed to carry his knives.

Believe it or not, I was a little nervous.  Sometimes people are not what you expect.

When you meet a guy who is as famous as Todd Begg, sometimes they are great.  Sometimes they are jerks.

Todd was great.

I came away from meeting him amazed at his ability as a knife maker, but more than that, I came away really liking the guy.  I came away thinking, "I could be friends with that dude!"

Seriously, this guy's knives are some of the absolute best I have had in my hands.

Here are the videos I shot.  I think you will get a feel for the artist, the craftsman, the great guy I met.

Introducing Todd Begg

How Todd Begg Designs Knives

Todd Begg Customs, Semi-Custom, and Production Knives

Aren't Todd Begg Production Knives Expensive??

Check out Todd Begg Knives.