Klecker Knives: Trigger Knife Kit

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Trigger Knife Kit

If you are like I am, when your young kids see you with a pocket knife, they want one.  But it takes a while for them to demonstrate the responsibility that is necessary to own a knife.

Enter the Trigger Knife Kit.

I ran across this at the Oregon Knife Show in 2013.  Glenn Klecker was in the booth next to me and I couldn't help but notice this flashy little knife.  In between the crowds at his table I asked him about it.

His vision for the kit is to help parents show their children how knives are put together and teach them how to carry and handle a knife without exposing them to the dangers of doing it with a real knife.  Glenn's son, Nathan, used a wooden knife to do just that.  He carried the knife for over a year without losing it and now carries a real one.

This wonderful little kit is perfect for teaching a youngster how to put together a folding knife. It's easy to break apart the pieces and assemble it yourself.

The Trigger Knife Kit sells like crazy in our local store.  Every kid who comes through wants one.  Most of their parents can't resist.  We've even been known to give one to some of the really cute kiddos!


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    Great for teaching knife safety.

    Posted by Garrick on 27th May 2016

    We bought a bunch of these for our scout group. Fantastic way to teach knife safety to even younger children who are not quite ready for the real thing.

    Also, fun to take multiple colored kits and mix and match the parts.

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