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Ken Onion Sky

The new SKY series of Ken Onion designed knives by Chef Works continues to honor the elements found in nature.  The SKY knives are constructed of one of the most advanced, durable and rust-resistant steels enriched with Nitrogen. This unique CTS BD1N steel made in Reading Pennsylvania by the Carpenter Steel Company has a chromium molecule treated with liquid nitrogen.  This proprietary process creates Stainless Steel that is significantly stronger, more rust-resistant and harder than most blade steels. This results in a blade with an edge life that is sharper and longer-lasting than other stainless steels.

A new extremely comfortable, non-slip texture has been applied to the dishwasher safe G10 handle.  

  • Blades are constructed of Carpenter BD1N steel--uses liquid nitrogen to create a new type of stainless steel with up to a 63HRC rating. This results in one of the best performing knives with one of the longest edge lives available in kitchen cutlery.
  • A new organic finish on the G-10 Glass Composite handles creates a superior non-slip surface resulting in a new level of safety for knife handles.
  • Superior ergonomic designs by Ken Onion are created to address each specific cutting motion in the kitchen.
  • Limited-Lifetime warranty
  • Proudly Made 100% in the USA

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