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KSF Fire Kit Refill

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Fire Kit Refill

This is the refill kit for our popular Deluxe Fire Kit.  It contains the following:

  • 4 Tinder Disks: A specially prepared cotton disk which will take a spark from the firesteel and burn for several minutes to ignite your kindling.  The Tinder Disks will burn even when wet.
  • 6' Waxed Jute Cord: Use a couple inches of this cord to make a birds nest to take a spark.  With the wax in the cord (in, not just on), the bundle will burn much longer than jute alone.  It is an easy way to get things going.
  • 4 Fire Cards: A card specially treated to burn easily and for a long time.  If it is shreaded, it will take a spark and work as tender.  It contains a basic checklist for how to build a fire with the kit.  By folding the card, you can create a lean-to with the Tinder Disks and Fuel Bars and Kindle Sticks.  The cards will burn even when wet.
  • 4 Fuel Bars:  These firestarter bars will serve as a hot burning fuel for your fire which burns long enough to get even wet wood burning.  The Fuel Bars burn even when wet.
  • 4 Kindle Sticks: Wax impregnated sisal rope which will burn long and hot to help get your wood kindling burning.  The Kindle Sticks, once lit, resist being blown out by the wind.  Like the other elements of the KSF Fire Kit, the Kindle Sticks burn even when wet.


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