Fallkniven: WM1 Sporting Knife - VG-10 Steel - Leather Sheath - WM1L

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Fallkniven: WM1 Sporting Knife - VG-10 Steel - WM1L

The convex-ground blade provides a blade profile that is extremely strong, while giving a sharp edge suitable for whittling with. The comfortable, ergonomically designed handle gives a good secure grip even in wet or cold hands and enables full control of the edge positioning. The knife is also hygienic, as it is easy to clean.

The powerful blade runs through the handle at full width, and as Falkniven uses one of the world's strongest special steel, this knife is practically indestructible.

The rust-resistant VG10 super steel is put through an extensive and very advanced tempering process, partly to achieve high strength, partly for added edge retention, qualities that make our knives much sought-after.

Includes a black leather dangler sheath.


 Overall Length:   6.89" 
 Blade Length:   2.795" 
 Blade Steel:   VG-10 
 Blade Hardness:   59HRC 
 Blade Thickness:   .138" 
 Weight:   2.716oz.