FAQ: Why is there slight up-and-down movement of the blade on my AXIS-lock Benchmade knife?

26th Mar 2015

Benchmade's patented AXIS® is our favorite locking system available on a modern folder -- simple, solid and secure. A few of our customers, however, have mentioned noticing some slight vertical play in the blade when it's in the open-and-locked position. You may be reading this because you've experienced the same thing.

Most important, this minimal movement doesn't affect the security of the lock. If it still bothers you, you'll be glad to know that there's an easy way to fix the wiggle: Use your knife.

Seriously, whatever vertical movement you may notice isn't a defect. It's a sign that the components of the AXIS mechanism -- locking bar, ramped tang, stop pin, liners and omega-style springs -- still require some break-in. Over time (and use) these surfaces will "mate" and the vertical play will gradually go away.