FAQ: "I just received a new AXIS lock Benchmade and the lock sticks when disengaging, should I send it back for warranty repair?"

10th Oct 2014

Question: "I just received a new AXIS lock Benchmade and the lock “sticks” a little when disengaging, should I send it back to Benchmade for warranty repair?"

So you just received a new AXIS lock folding knife and it sticks? Don't worry! Like most new mechanical tools, new knives may require a “breaking-in period” for the surfaces to polish together and in turn, become smooth. The AXIS lock is engaged by tension provided from an omega-shaped spring, which slides the lock bar forward, between the tang of the blade and the handle. 

Benchmade Axis Lock

These surfaces coming into contact for the first time can exhibit a pronounced “stickiness” when being disengaged. This is easily be remedied by opening the knife repeatedly, allowing the bar and blade to contact each other. Over a short period of time, the repeated contact will smooth the surfaces and allow the contact points to soften against each other. In no time your knife will be buttery smooth!

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