$1,000 Drawing

Many of you know, we run a big give away a couple times a year...February and August. Here we are at August.

This year, it is even more special since we are just kicking off our new website. We want people to see the exciting changes we made.

Here is the deal...

We are giving away $1000 in free orders.

All you have to do is make a purchase from now until the end of August, post your order number and what you bought in this thread on KnifeForums.

That's it. You are entered. You can enter as many times as you want.

At the end, I'll draw numbers and give away store credit equal to the amount of your order up to a total of $1000 given away. So every order you make this month has a shot at being free.

Traditionally 5-6 people win.

Terms and conditions....someone always whines that they can't enter if they don't buy anything. Here you go--You don't have to make a purchase to enter--just put your name on the thread. Of course, the prize is the free order, so if you win, you win nothing. So enter away.

Have fun!